ACES Program: Introducing Bullshark

ACES Program: Introducing Bullshark

Today, members of the ACES (Active Contributors & Early Supporters) Program will receive the first of several rewards in recognition of their widespread community efforts that helped make Sui Mainnet a reality.

Introducing the exclusive Generation 0 Bullsharks – fierce digital creatures of the SuiFrens family! These dynamic NFTs will be shared directly to the 380k ACES Program members’ wallets today. The Gen 0 Bullsharks (and their children) are badges of membership for the ACES Program, enabling holders to earn SUI tokens and access other unique experiences in the future.

Please note that if you sell or send your Bullshark, you will lose access to future ACES Program benefits and experiences.

Not an ACES Program member yet? Don’t worry – there will be future opportunities to become a member.

SuiFrens represent the dynamic, interoperable technology that is available throughout Sui, and the experience was built to be developed in open collaboration with the community. In SuiFrens lore, Bullsharks are known for their loyalty and ferocious determination – they never give up and are the most loyal friend and partner. This tenacity makes them the ideal personification of the community of initial Sui supporters.

Key Updates:

  • 380k unique and exclusive Generation 0 Bullsharks minted and rewarded to ACES Program members as proof of membership – the only Gen 0 Bullsharks that will ever be released
  • You can sell or buy Gen 0 Bullsharks on marketplaces that support Sui Kiosk (presently, Hyperspace)

Accessorize and Transact

Bullshark holders will be able to equip their SuiFren with accessories, like hats, scarves, and more, on now. Keep an eye out for future exclusive accessories, available only to ACES Bullshark holders.

In order to accessorize your Bullshark, you must first have at least one accessory in your wallet. Click on “Your Collection,” click on your Bullshark, and then click on “Apply” on the accessory to add to your Bullshark. More accessories can be purchased on the Accessories page.

Alternatively, you can sell your Bullshark on marketplaces that allow for this functionality (presently, Hyperspace).

Coming Soon

We’ll continue to share more updates about the exclusive benefits and perks of the Gen 0 Bullshark badge of membership to the ACES Program, including exclusive accessories, tradable rewards, and other membership initiatives (including opportunities to refer others to the program).

And this is just the beginning of what is available to ACES Program members! We’ll share more in the coming weeks.