Meet the Second Cohort of SuiFrens

Meet the Second Cohort of SuiFrens

When SuiFrens launched on Sui Mainnet, the first cohort of 30k Capybaras were available to mint and mix. A few weeks later, the first cohort of 380k Bullsharks were released and awarded to Sui’s earliest supporters through Mysten Labs’ ACES program.

And today, we’re excited to announce the next cohort of SuiFrens has launched!

How SuiFrens Were Built

We built SuiFrens to demonstrate innovations and the best of what’s possible on Sui, including:

  • Dynamic Fields: Accessories were built so that owners can freely equip and remove them from their SuiFren as desired
  • Sui Object Display Standard: SuiFrens leverage the display standard to dynamically render, in real time, the image of your SuiFren depending on its traits and equipped accessories – meaning that as your SuiFren changes and evolves, it will appear correctly and consistently across all apps (such as marketplaces and games)
  • Sui Kiosk: SuiFrens are created within a Sui Kiosk to empower creators and enable decentralized commerce. Please note that starting today, a first-generation Capy purchased via the supported marketplaces will also utilize Kiosk to ensure strong royalty enforcement for creators.

Together, these primitives make SuiFrens collectibles infinitely extensible and ready to be plugged into different gaming and commerce experiences.

The Second SuiFrens Cohort

Two new cohort of Capybaras and Bullsharks are available now!

The second set of Capybaras is limited to 350k. You can mint one at the SuiFrens Portal OR you can select two Capys you own and mix them to create a new descendent. Please note that a Capy can only mix for a total of five times – and once a Capy is used to mix, it will not be able to mix again until the next epoch. You can view epochs using Sui Explorer.

The second set of Bullsharks is limited to 150k. Unlike Capys, this cohort of Bullsharks can only be obtained by mixing. Additionally, Bullsharks can only be used to mix one time.

Lastly, any new SuiFrens need one epoch to grow up before they can mix.

And why is the SuiFrens population growing? We see Capys and Bullsharks as one of the ways to introduce the Sui community to the many possibilities of NFTs and collectibles on Sui. The value of this collectible project is not based on supply but instead from its utility This is precisely why we’ve integrated SuiFrens with Quests – a reward program for the whole community. Just one of the multiple features and limited access perks to come!

Don’t Forget to Accessorize!

As soon as you get your new SuiFren, don’t forget to dress them up with the accessories that are currently available on

Head to this blog for a walkthrough on how to accessorize your SuiFren.

And we’re excited to share that new accessories for your SuiFrens are coming soon!

What’s next?

SuiFrens is not about exclusivity or limited supply, but rather about utility – a way to showcase how NFTs can evolve beyond collectibles into something more – a key into a community, but one with many benefits to come!

To learn more about cohorts, minting, and mixing, check out the SuiFrens FAQ.