SCION Designer Adrian Perrig and Team Join Mysten Labs to Work on Unnamed Project

SCION Designer Adrian Perrig and Team Join Mysten Labs to Work on Unnamed Project

With the launch of Sui Mainnet in May, the team at Mysten Labs is focused on establishing Sui as foundational infrastructure for the next generation of the internet.

As further proof of our commitment to that future, we’re proud to announce today that Adrian Perrig has joined Mysten Labs as an advisor. Perrig, a professor at top-ranked research university ETH Zurich, has worked closely with the emerging technologies industry throughout his career in academia as both a researcher and security advisor. His research focus has been on tackling security issues in a wide range of technology systems, including the TESLA broadcast authentication system currently used by Galileo and GPS global navigation systems, the SPINS security protocol which formed the basis for ZigBee security, and work on Flicker and TrustVisor which deeply influenced trustworthy computing and lead to the development of Intel SGX.

Also joining Mysten Labs’ R&D team are a number of other top-notch researchers and engineers who will work with Perrig. The team includes Markus Legner, Jean-Pierre Smith, and Giacomo Giuliari, who are all ETH graduates with backgrounds in network/systems security. In addition, Karl Wüst, who held a faculty position at the CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security prior to joining Mysten Labs, also joins the team as a research scientist.

Perrig and his team are some of the originators and active designers of SCION, a new internet architecture that addresses many of the security and scalability issues of the current internet. Within Mysten Labs, they will contribute to an unnamed project for Sui infrastructure.