Earn SUI via Bullshark Quests!

Earn SUI via Bullshark Quests!

We are excited to announce Bullshark Quests, a new way to earn SUI rewards (and other perks) for holders of Bullsharks, which were released as part of the ACES (Active Contributors & Early Supporters) Program. Bullshark Quests will be an ongoing initiative offering Bullshark holders the opportunity to earn rewards by engaging with apps on Sui.

To mark the first Bullshark Quest, we have partnered with the Sui Foundation, who will offer 5M SUI in rewards. Comprising two pools of 2.5M, the SUI rewards will be distributed at the end of the Quest period.

The first Quest begins July 6, 2023 at 12 p.m. PDT and ends July 27, 2023 11:59 p.m. PDT. During this period, Bullshark holders can compete for rewards based on the amount they engage with each of the following applications:

  • Journey to Mount Sogol by Polymedia: An on-chain point-and-click adventure game that tests your wits.
  • DeSuiLabs Coin Flip by DeSuiLabs: A smart-contract powered dice game.
  • Sui 8192 by Ethos: An on-chain and extra challenging version of the popular 2048 game.

You must own a Bullshark prior to the start of the Quest in order to participate, and you must interact with all four games in order to earn points. Note that to keep your eligibility, you must continue to own at least one or more Bullshark throughout the Quest period, otherwise you will be automatically disqualified.

The Bullshark Quests portal will show a live leaderboard of all active participants. As a Bullshark holder, you can connect your wallet to see your current score and ranking on the leaderboard. The portal and leaderboard updates every ten minutes.

If you don’t currently hold a Bullshark, not to worry, there will be more Quests! To secure your spot in the next Bullshark Quest, hurry to Blue Move or Hyperspace to buy your Bullshark. And don’t forget that you can visit the SuiFrens website to grab some accessories to customize your Bullshark.

How to earn points

Participants earn scores by interacting with featured applications. Scores differ for each application and action. The table below shows how scores are calculated for each application.

Updated Eligibility

To be eligible for the prize pool you must play Sui 8192 and Mount Sogol at least once during the Quest period. To accumulate more points and increase your standing in the Quest leaderboard, play Sui 8192 and DeSuiLabs Coin Flip frequently. The maximum amount of points for Journey to Mount Sogol is awarded only once.

Mysten Labs reserves the right to change the scoring methodology at any time for any reason, including to combat bot behavior, cheating or manipulation of results.

Terms and conditions apply.

Your Rewards

There are two reward pools of 2.5M SUI each, for a total of 5M SUI. SUI rewards are provided by the Sui Foundation. The first pool will be shared by the top 10,000 eligible players. The second pool will be divided equally among all other eligible players.

The table below provides an outline for rewards for the first pool for top 10,000 eligible players.

The table below outlines an example of rewards for the second pool. Participants can get up to 90 SUI from the General Pool. The exact amount per participant will depend on the total number of eligible players at the end of the Quest period.

Now Go Play!

The first Quest is live! No need to wait – start playing today to cement your position on the leaderboard, which you can view on the Bullshark Quests portal.

If you have any further questions, check out the FAQ on the portal website, or go to the Mysten Apps Discord server.